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Please fill in the following form with the utmost care. Upon validation by the organizer, you will have access to your Personal account, allowing you to edit your badge and find personalized services for the success of your visit.

​The professional email address is highly recommended. Filling in the only personal email address may slow down your admission and give you more restricted access rights. Also, incomplete or unverifiable personal or professional data may lead the Organizer to refuse your badge application, or to give you limited access rights.

Your badge is nominative and non-transferable. You must print it. Identity checks will be done at the entrances of the show. The email address used for an application can not be reused for a second request.

The military and civilian personnel of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces are asked to download his military identity card or professional card in place of his national identity card (CNI).

By participating in this event, you agree to be photographed or filmed by the persons mandated by the Show and / or other visitors (press, exhibitors ...).

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